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What is General Services?

The committees within A.A. Area 15 / District 1 – Pinellas, FL. comprise a service body for the individual groups of the district. It is comprised of the groups’ General Service Representatives (GSR’s), District Committee Members (DCM’s), District Officers, Annual Committee Chairpersons, and Standing Committee Chairpersons (Archives, Corrections, Current Practices, Grapevine, PI/CPC, Special Needs, Treatment).
Its primary purpose is to provide a forum for sharing collective 12th Step experience – how best to carry the AA message in the A.A. District 1 – Pinellas area. The District also has the responsibility to carry that message to the sick and suffering alcoholic. The District One Committee meets quarterly – see the Monthly Event Calendar. GSR’s (General Service Representatives) carry the group conscience and vote for their home groups at District Meetings and Area Assemblies.
A.A. District 1 – Pinellas is supported by the voluntary contributions of the groups it serves. The District One Committee structure borrows much from “The AA Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service,” is ever mindful of the Twelve Traditions, Concepts for Service, and the Twelve Steps of AA. (Adapted in part from the District One Book of Current Practices and the Legacy of Service and Guidelines for the South Florida Delegate Area 15 of which District 1 is a part of).