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Whether you’re actively having trouble with alcohol or you’re in recovery and want to help another in need, we in District 1 AA General Service are here to serve you. Are you having trouble with Alcohol? Call the AA helpline to speak with someone who is in recovery. Are you an alcoholic in recovery looking for ways to carry the message? District 1 General service coordinates multiple way to bring the voice of AA to the community in the greater Pinellas County area.

Group Registration

What’s the purpose of A.A. groups? All groups exist to help those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism. To register your group with GSO in New York, please complete the Group Registration form…

Young in AA

FCYPAA was founded for the purpose of providing a setting for an annual celebration of sobriety among young people in AA. Since its inception, a growing group of people, who at first would not consider themselves as “young people,”…

Professional Community

The PI/CPC Committee communicates with professionals in the health care, law enforcement, treatment, corrections, human resources, counseling, sociology, ministry, education, communications, and judicial systems…

7th Tradition

A.A.’s Seventh Tradition states:  “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”  This means that only A.A. members contribute financially to A.A. – and even A.A. members are limited…

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