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AA Treatment Committee - District 1

Currently, we’re holding our monthly committee meeting both in person and virtually (hybrid).

Committee Meetings
Last Thursday of each month at 5:30pm


Allendale United Methodist Church 

3803 Haines Rd N, St. Petersburg

Meeting ID#: 912 7833 4392
Password: treatment2


The District 1 Treatment Committee is comprised of coordinators and chairpersons who provide meetings for future AAs employing GSO guidelines. It serves Pinellas County hospitals, detox/stabilization units, crisis intervention facilities, veterans’ facilities, and more, providing pamphlets to each facility as well as offering Bridging the Gap assistance in getting newly released clients to their first AA meeting outside.

The District 1 Treatment Committee always has room for new volunteers, and offers a variety of ways to give back to the newcomer what was so freely given us. We provide one night a month commitments for home groups, individuals, and/or teams; we have one-time speaking engagements; and we also offer seasonal commitments for our Northern friends.

It works like this:

  1. The potential AA calls the “Bridging the Gap” voice mail and leaves their name, phone number, gender, and zip code.

  2. An assigned AA checks the voice mail each day and retrieves the messages.

  3. They then pair up the potential AA with a “Volunteer AA” in their zip code with their matching gender on the “Bridging the Gap” Volunteer List.

  4. The “Volunteer AA” receives a phone call notifying them of the information on the potential AA. They call the potential AA back and set up a time to meet when they get out.

  5. The “Volunteer AA” takes them to their first outside meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and introduces them to the fellowship in their area.

And like magic, the Gap is Bridged!

Call 727-755-8284 (755-8BTG)  or email

Click here for a volunteer sign-up form.

Regardless of your limitations, or what your schedule is, we can find a way you can be of service. Home groups are encouraged to sponsor newcomers to attend our meeting and see how the service structure works in sobriety. Feel free to contact us using the email address or by attending the monthly Treatment Meeting listed above to see what we have available for you.