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Online – LAST Saturday of each month at 9:30am

Virtual info:
ID: 858 0444 8765
PW: 061035
Direct Link: Technology Committee Meeting


The District 1 Technology Committee works with the District 1 Intergroup Liaison, who is currently in charge of updates to the District 1 pages of the Pinellas Intergroup Website. The committee will be comprised of Committee Chair, Alternate Committee Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Webmaster, and Ex-efficio member – District 1 Intergroup Liaison., with voting members have been in attendance for at least one prior meeting. All members in attendance are encouraged to participate in the discussions, regardless of the ability to vote.

The committee will be responsible for facilitating the updates to the District 1 website pages. Updates can be submitted to our committee via email or in person to the Technology Committee chairperson. Our committee will review and forward any updates to the Intergroup Liaison once a month for upload onto the current website. Time sensitive updates will be reviewed and submitted by the committee chair upon receipt. Time sensitive updates includes changes to committee meeting information, including meeting locations, dates, times, or contacts. All major content updates will need to be reviewed by the committee at our monthly meeting prior to being submitted to the District 1 Liaison.