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A.A. Grapevine Committee - District 1

Committee Meetings
Online – 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm
Zoom info:
ID: 366 773 4074
PW: 606200

The mission of the District 1 Grapevine (GV) Committee is to inform the fellowship of how the GV and La Viña can be used to carry the message to active alcoholics, AA members and the general public. It is often called our “meeting in print”, the personal stories tell what it was like to help new and prospective members recognize their illness by harnessing all the power of one alcoholic talking with another. Stories of “what we are like now” in recovery often offer readers their first glimmer of hope, while articles on the Steps and Traditions keep readers grounded in the principles of AA. The magazines are a regular reminder of the help available, even when a subscriber slips; as one Grapevine Representative (GVR) put it, “Grapevine keeps coming, even when the alcoholic doesn’t.” Many subscribers make a point of passing along each issue after they read it; others use subscriptions as gifts to sponsees or newcomers. Individuals and groups give subscriptions to hospitals and treatment centers, and current magazines can be found in the waiting rooms of those who work with alcoholics— doctors and lawyers, for example. A lifeline to AAs who cannot go to meetings and have little contact with their fellow AAs such as those homebound or in nursing facilities. An aid to emotional sobriety and spiritual growth GV and La Viña have a great deal to offer old-timers, middle-timers, and others in recovery. The magazines can be an effective guard against complacency, reminding readers of what alcohol can do to alcoholics and of the importance of keeping it green. With their emphasis on the principles of AA, they can enrich a member’s understanding of the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts and be powerful tools of spiritual and emotional growth as well. (Reference A.A. GV Workbook).

Activities of the Grapevine (GV) Committee include:

  • Holds a monthly meeting where GV and La Viña experience is shared.
  • Encourages A.A. groups to consider appointing or electing a group GVR.
  • Encourages all A.A. groups in District 1 to consider hosting a GV meeting
  • Provides resources to help GVR and/or groups to host a Grapevine meeting.
  • Collects old GV and La Viña magazines and coordinates distribution where they can best carry the A.A. message in our community.

GVR are the link between AA Grapevine and the groups. Help District 1 Carry the Message! All District 1 members are eligible to participate and are invited to attend the Grapevine Committee Meeting. For information please contact us at AA Grapevine Committee Chair